RHA MA750i

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The RHA MA750i in-ear headphones are superlative in quality and performance as it incorporates machined stainless steel, handmade dynamic drivers, and a finest oxygen-free copper cable. The 560.1 drivers, aerophonic design, and a contoured over-ear cable of MA750i perform greatly in making these headphones able to deliver excellent sound reproduction and a great depth of soundstage, with a relaxed and comfortable, noise-isolating fit.


Precise Sound Quality

Drivers that fall in the RHA 560 series are designed to offer a clear and natural sound. Due to the great levels of spatial separation and distance, these drives are able to reproduce audio with outstanding power and precision.



When we talk about design and presentation, such headphones look very impressive and trendy. The thick and strong cable comes with the plug end, which is reinforced with a spring. And at other parts, you will get stainless steel construction, making it sturdy and tough. Also, it includes a three-button inline remote/microphone, which works greatly for Apple iOS devices.


Over-ear Cable Supports

The MA750i includes contoured, over-ear cable supports that are designed to hold the headphones in the actual position with the cable running over and behind the ear. The cable supports grant a more secure, comfortable fit and assist in providing effective noise isolation.