RHA MA600i

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Through the RHA MA600i's Aerophonic™, aluminium housings, a custom driver (model 320.1) delivers powerful audio with full bass response. A 3-button remote, dual insulated cable and premium accessories range contribute to an in-ear headphone of all-round quality.


Custom dynamic driver (model 320.1)

The model 320.1 dynamic driver at the centre of the MA600i is engineered to deliver the best possible audio in combination with the headphone's aluminium, Aerophonic™ housings. The custom drivers are responsible for the MA600i's powerful, full range sound reproduction.

Signature Aerophonic™ housing design

Designed to channel sound from the headphone's driver to the listener's ear without obstruction, RHA's Aerophonic™ housing design ensures clear and accurate audio reproduction. Unique to RHA's MA Series, the noise-isolating Aerophonic™ shape of the MA600i is crafted from high quality aluminium.

High Grade Aluminium Construction

Combining the sonic and durability properties of high grade aluminium, the MA600i efficiently delivers clear, powerful audio through the lightweight, Aerophonic™ driver housings.

3-button remote and microphone

An in-line remote and microphone offer convenient control over calls, music and volume with compatible Apple® devices including iPad, iPod and iPhone models. The remote is found on an oxygen-free copper, dual insulated cable designed to shield against interference and offer high level durability.