Final Audio Design Heaven VI

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We’ve taken some core concepts of our Heaven IV earphone, tweaked them and applied them to our new balanced armature earphone: the Heaven VI. We’ve changed the housing from stainless steel to chrome copper and taken our Balanced Air Movement (BAM) mechanism to a greater level of performance.The result is the first balanced armature earphone that perfectly reproduces the sound of a human voice.


  • BAM Mechanism Optimizes the air Movement inside the housing 
  • Original Balanced Armature Driver Unit 
  • Highly-rigid Chrome Copper Housing 
  • Original ear pads 
  • Orignal flat cable Eliminates 'touch noise' 
  • Bam vent part without an actual vent , preventing sound leakage


  • Housing - Chrome copper 
  • Driver unit - Custum-made balanced armaturer 
  • S.P.L - 112dB 
  • Impedance - 16 ohm 
  • Length of cable - 1.2m 
  • Weight - 17g