Beyerdynamic DT990

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The new sophisticated DT 990 is a headphone for enthusiasts and will satisfy you with a perfect sound and comfort. The use of high-quality material and the distinctive design underline the standard of a high end model. The headphone is still handcrafted in Germany warranting a high quality.  

Product reviews:  

"The first week i've been listening to music much more often because these make it sound so much better."  
(, 09/2010)  

"... excellent open ear design, true sound reproduction..."  
(, 08/2010)  

"The clarity of the DT 990s is superb. You hear everything, whether you want to or not."  
(, 07/2010)  

Analytical and high-resolution audio reproduction  
Strong bass and treble  
Lightest headphone of its class